Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week Recap

Jim and his electrician, Ben, came out this week. Ben was a great guy and very encouraging. He had just returned from 3 months in Iraq the day prior. We hope to have a bid from him within a week for the interior wall (moving the sub, building it into a freestanding cabinet/fridge/wall oven thing). As well, he will quote the west wall that started this whole thing. We do always seem to get sidetracked into another direction, don't we?

AZ Organic came back out Friday - Mark couldn't figure out where the termites were coming in. There were no foundation tubes nor foundation cracks. Therefore, he just drilled into the ceiling and injected borates. It can take up to 90 days to take full effect so he said don't be surprised if we see more. He also installed the final two bait systems in the driveway on the East side of the house. Now we wait 90 days to check for activity in the bait systems. I will be interested to see if they take to them.

We did a nice a.m. hike at North Mountain today. I have never done this trail and it was really crowded. It ended up not being the easy trail I had researched, we inadvertently took the wrong trail up and it kicked our butts. Awesome view though.

After the hike we headed over to Baker's to get the supplementation for our Oak recommended by Tree Pros. They had all the veggies and fruits out so I had to get an Artichoke and a Cantalope. We revamped the front bed and added mounds so I could plant the zucchini and spinach. I transplanted a couple of the butter lettuces, they seemed very delicate so we'll see what happens. Those dastardly cats are still getting in there so I think we will be forced to add a roof...

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