Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20th

I decided late last night that we would go riding first thing this a.m. I woke Jeff up from the couch and warned him that I was making him get up early and we were riding at 7am.

It was a ball! Boy, are we in for it on the mules for five hours out of the Canyon. The one hour killed my butt, knees and thighs - I forgot how riding uses such different muscles! Jeff's horse was so pretty, she reminded me of a draft horse with her large furry feet. My horse's name was "Stubs" because one ear was partially missing due to frostbite (when he lived in CO).

After the ride, we ran over to The Farm and had a lovely breakfast before they close down for the summer.
Although the garden is slowing down in the heat, we do have melons coming up. Here's one of them below. Can you believe we didn't get one single pepper out of the six+ transplants we put in? Worms got every single pepper.
And a pic of my boy for good measure.