Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally - a photo!  (Thank you, Walt!)

The flurry of recent activity on this blog is a result of excitement! There is an author, Walt Lockley, writing an article about our own Fred Griffin. He has uncovered some fantastic details about Mr Griffin's history in the valley, fascinating stories surrounding some of the homes he has built and uncanny details about his life and the personal connection to my history, as well. Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Griffin House for Dr. Otto Bendheim

6111 No. Palo Cristi Rd., Paradise Valley, built in 1963 for Dr. Otto Bendheim.

Dr. Bendheim was the pioneer of "psychiatric autopsies" and the founder of the first private psychiatric hospital in Arizona, Camelback Hospital.  Dr Bendheim even worked with Winnie Ruth Judd, "The Trunk Murdress".

This home was listed and sold by Cionne McCarthy of Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty.  She was kind enough to share her photos with me, however I cannot get them to upload.  The photo below is from her original MLS.

This home shares a lot of characteristics with ours: custom lighting above the soffits, soffits that become a design element of the home, a pond, a Sumac that hangs over the front entry, wood walls, built-in banquets, shelves and display nooks.  The home is/was beautifully preserved (lived in by original owner) until it was sold last year, not sure what renovations have been done by now, though.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another Griffin find!

Wow, look at this one!

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Touring a Griffin

So, in my last post I shared an aerial of an address found in an article about a Fred Griffin home.  Since that post, I have been so fortunate to have toured the home.  The first Griffin home I have been in, except ours.  However, once we arrived at the address, I realized it was not the aerial I have on this blog.  I just checked Google maps again and this time it is showing me a different address?

We actually drove by the home in the prior post and it looks like it could be a Griffin as well.

The gracious homeowners who showed us around are lucky enough to have the original plans to their home!  It seems the property may have, at one time, been part of the adjacent parcel - similar architecture, and there was originally a bridge over the arroyo connecting the properties.

A few similarities were the trees hiding the front door, a built-in planter inside the front door, the metal details in the same pattern as ours, great storage.

Huge glass windows, planters and louvers

Cool louvers

Amazing original sink and fixture.  The owner said the entire house was painted white (even tiling!) when they purchased.

Beautiful curved wall and block pattern

What a view!
There's that metal pattern again :)

Same metal pattern as we have, although I believe he had this gate fabricated to match the existing metal work.

Same metal pattern as we have

This used to be planter