Saturday, August 6, 2011

Leonard's Bridge Day

It's been one year since we lost you, I cannot believe it's been that long. I took Trigger and Magda for long walks this morning and thought about you. I miss you so much my little bean.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3rd, 2011

Wall Update: got the wood ply installed. We had HD rip the sheets and Jeff had to do some routing. This job warranted finally purchasing a router - yippee!! Sanding + Wood Conditioner + Red Mahogany Stain. It's a dark bedroom but I think it matches. Jeff did a stellar job of fitting the panels tightly. Gotta admire the craftsmanship of Mr Griffin as we do these things - the home is pretty tight and with all wood, you cannot cover errors like one can with drywall.

Also moved some seedlings into the bed in front. We'll see...
There are 3 squash!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some of these came up fast & are hitting the plastic lid now. The tomatoes are just finally sprouting. Hopefully with the warm weather the next few days - these will flourish.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reinsulating the guest room wall. We took a look at the plywood we had removed and have decided we will replace.


Seedlings peeking thru - 6 days since planting

More Ranuculus

Planting another agave

Planting the "garden"
Artichoke, Spaghetti Squash, Boxwood Basil and Beefsteak Tomatoes.

Friday, March 18, 2011

This home *with potential* will be going on the market soon. The way we discovered our house was by visiting this house when we were home shopping. So I kinda credit this cutie with setting us up with The Griffin House. Love the screen block - they need to make a glass wall to the right of it, it appears a garage was enclosed at some point?
The lot directly to the South of this home is on the market fo $24,500. It would amazing to purchase both and have a big private yard. :)
This home has brand new solar panels too.
I bought this nifty starter tray at Target last Sunday. Look at all the sprouts in just a week :)

This is what has sprouted so far: Genovese Basil, Eagle Pass Okra, KY Wonder Pole Bean, Marketmore Cucumbers and Luscious Sweet Corn (yes, that's it's name). Ironically, most of these are old seeds....

Still waiting for: Black Krim Tomato, Blk Beauty Zucchini, Mini Orange Tomato, Tigeralla Tomato, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Buttercrunch Lettuce & Trailing Nasturium.

I just heard that Lavender may be a (feral) cat deterrent so I am considering purchasing another tray and filling it with Lavender seeds and bordering my beds with it.

We also had our annual inspection today from AZ Organic - all is good. Knock on wood.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Rule: No Weed Whackers at The Griffin House. Period.
We arrived back from breakfast to a shattered sliding glass door. Lawn guy. Sigh.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's been a while. Every time I head over to add a post, I look thru the recent history, end up bawling and leave the site. It's still extraordinarily difficult. I have to pay close attention to not dwell too long on memories of Leonard or I break down.

So, here we go.

Frederick Kirkwood Griffin was married to Ann J. Griffin

Mr Griffin was born July 16th, 1914 and passed away in October 1998 (I think).

Back in 2007, I sent a letter to a man I located through the internet, Frederick Griffin II living in Chandler, AZ. I sent copies of the newspaper articles I have about our house and asked if he could be related to the designer but alas, never a response.

I spoke to a local realtor who had met Mr. Griffin years back and this is what he shared, "I met Fred about what, 15 years ago??? Wow time flies...he's long passed away, I think it was about 2000.

At the time he owned Carefree Realty and was living up there. He had a little office near the Post office that Al Beadle redid. He and his wife worked together and I sold a house he designed and built: a really cool Hogan inspired place in Carefree ranch highlands, sadly now demolished.

His office was filled with drawings and renderings of his houses and designs, built and un-built. As nice a guy as you could meet. He was thrilled that I had interest in his work. I don't suppose his wife is still alive, but I'd love to get a look at his drawings again."

I wish I could locate Mr. Griffin's family....

On another note, have been documenting the MCMs in our neighborhood today.

Built 1959

Built 1955

Built 1975 (by our neighbor, Mike, who now lives up the street)

Built 1954 (cool transom windows in the carport)

Built 1955