Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." Pablo Picasso

"Artists who seek perfection in everything are those who cannot attain it in anything."
Eugene Delacroix

I miss art...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lake Placid

Cannot believe I never put these up. Auntie Linda has probably been waiting?

After Leonard's passing, Jeff & I were distraught.  Simply unbearably depressed.  My Aunt Linda reminded me tht we were welcome to visit, I had not seen her since high school, she is my fathers only sister.  We flew dad down from SLC to watch the dogs and we flew to upstate New York.  It was just what we needed and I had so much fun reconnecting with Linda and Jimmie.  I wish we lived closer, Linda & I are kindred spirits.   I took HUNDREDS of photos but only have the patience to upload these.  :)

Main Street at dusk

Aunt Lindas Self Portrait (I have a grade school photo of myself that looks just like this)

Jimmie, Linda, me, Jeff

At our awesome hotel right on Lake Placid

Beautiful fog & sunrises outside our door every morning

Stephen Huneck's Dog Chapel in Vermont, I was crying before I even went in the front door.

On the ferry to Vermont

My Uncle Johns grave.  We took a few swigs of the whiskey and dumped the rest on his grave.  It was a token from my father to his brother.  Sadly, they were estranged at the time of his passing.

At our hotel on Lake Placid.  My Aunt Linda & Jeff.

Memorials at The Dog Chapel.  See the photo of Leonard & Candy?

The Dog Chapel, Vermont.  One of THE most magical places I have ever visited.  Tragically, Stephen Huneck, the man who built this took his life in the Spring of the year we visited.  I had always wanted to meet him, he was a self-taught artist whose muse were dogs.  His wife, Gwen, continues his legacy.

Trees...and the anxiety-ridden day

Large Eucaluptus BEFORE

Large Eucalyptus AFTER

Going up...

Still going...
Sigh. I truly hate having the trees done.  And I am hard to please.  Overall they did a really nice job though I did have to keep running out and micromanaging.  I hate being like that. 

The Cypress and Natal Plum, that were once taller than me, are now about 3 feet tall.  I guess they are used to pruning those down short but I really liked them large & unruly.  The Cypress had created an arch over our pathway and they removed the archway.  The Japanese Privet is another of my favorite trees in the yard, I repeatedly spoke to the owner about the fact the it was butchered and the canopy obliterated by the last tree guys.  We spoke about leaving the new buds/braches on the South alone so it can fill in.  Alas - they raped the poor tree.

Besides these issues, they did a really nice job.  I will hire them again and I do recommend them.  They were less "heavy-handed" than any other company I have hired.  I was distracted with Arizona Organic, the termite guys, while they were trimming and next time I will probably stand outside the entire time :)