Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trees...and the anxiety-ridden day

Large Eucaluptus BEFORE

Large Eucalyptus AFTER

Going up...

Still going...
Sigh. I truly hate having the trees done.  And I am hard to please.  Overall they did a really nice job though I did have to keep running out and micromanaging.  I hate being like that. 

The Cypress and Natal Plum, that were once taller than me, are now about 3 feet tall.  I guess they are used to pruning those down short but I really liked them large & unruly.  The Cypress had created an arch over our pathway and they removed the archway.  The Japanese Privet is another of my favorite trees in the yard, I repeatedly spoke to the owner about the fact the it was butchered and the canopy obliterated by the last tree guys.  We spoke about leaving the new buds/braches on the South alone so it can fill in.  Alas - they raped the poor tree.

Besides these issues, they did a really nice job.  I will hire them again and I do recommend them.  They were less "heavy-handed" than any other company I have hired.  I was distracted with Arizona Organic, the termite guys, while they were trimming and next time I will probably stand outside the entire time :)

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