Saturday, March 21, 2009

Termites, still...

I keep forgetting to post about this. They are at it again, same place - down by the glass room where Mark treated recently. He drilled the ceiling along this doorway and injected borates but the blind gross 'mites are still busy at work. He said I may continue to see them for the next 60 days until the borates take effect. He also told me they can build a 6 foot tube in a 24 hr span. Scary.

On another note, there is activity at the house I *heart* behind us, seen above. Jeff said there was someone over there yesterday measuring the pool. So, without peeking, we are guessing that they are securing the pool. It certainly appears the house I love is finally going into foreclosure. Its been vacant for about 4 years and all I can hope for is that someone with vision and a love of all things modern snaps it up.

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