Friday, March 6, 2009

Termites again

So, we knew the house had termites, that history came with the purchase. We had a warranty that came with the house but the company sucked so we let the warranty expire. Lo and behold, we noticed tubes hanging from our kitchen ceiling.

We interviewed about 7 termite treatment companies and finally settled on the one who works with borates and bait systems. They come out Monday to do the treatment. In the meanwhile, we are tearing out areas to make sure we get these buggers thoroughly.

We pulled out some of the acoustic tiles and found that the ceiling has been replaced in the past. It is part plywood (old ceiling) and part drywall. This area in the ceiling is the only drywall we have seen in the entire house.

So, tomorrow, we are tearing out the paneling in the middle bedroom to access the wall above the expansion joint that we think they are travelling up. We will see.

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