Saturday, March 7, 2009


We had a tree company come out today to give us a quote on trimming/storm-proofing. It's been a few years since the Eucalyptus' have been done and we all know about their destruction and my poor Subaru.

The man was very nice and super knowledgable. He is a certified arborist and gave us some insight to our trees and what to expect of them as they continue growing. Thankfully he convinced Jeff the Palo Verdes are nightmares and he agreed we can rip them out. Better hurry and do this before he changes his mind!

The gentleman said our property was like an Arborist's experiment or something along those lines. We have a diverse forest. We have 3 Eucalyptus, 3 African Sumac, 1 Australian Bottleneck, 1 Pine (we were right, he said it was a Christmas Tree at one time), 2 Bottlebrush, 2 Mulberrys, 1 Silk Oak, 1 Chinese Elm, 1 Japanese Privett, 2 Palo Verdes, 1 Mesquite, 1 something-I-don't remember-the-name and 1 Texas Red Oak (that I planted last year as a memorial). The total is $1895 which I think is a very good price. It's hard to believe we ripped out 8 trees and still have this many.

He gave me some tips on my Oak (which I couldn't tell if it was dead). It's not dead, it has salt burn. He instructed to dig the dirt away from the trunk and mix in some mulch and continue the weekly deep watering. Yeah, it's hanging in there!

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