Saturday, March 21, 2009

Internal Battles

After we first bought this place, some artist friends were visiting from Alaska (Jim and Shayla) who cast their work at the foundry. They gave us theater tickets to a play about Frank Lloyd Wright.

After seeing that production, I felt so completely different about our home renovation ideas. It is extremely important to me to honor the Architect's vision. On the other hand, we live quite differently these days.

During a Detroit discussion yesterday, I was reminded about the amazing Turkel House on 7 Mile. It is the only two-story automatic Usonian built by Wright and it is absolutely stunning. In reading some articles on the home, I am back to wavering about the removal of the kitchen wall thus eliminating the bedroom with a door on each of the four walls.

Here are some links about the home:, and photos . Also, a video with the new owners . More photos on Flickr.

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