Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Electric and Termites

So, termite company will return on Friday to treat the other part of the house where the new tunnel has appeared. The new tube is down by the glass room, just past the laundry. This is a totally new area for activity. Now that I think about it, I have been saying we have -0- drywall in our house but we do - the ceiling in the glass room. Bet they're macking down in there.

Our GC, Jim, is coming back out tomorrow with his preferred electrician so we can get another electric quote on the back of the house and flipping the subpanel to a different wall. We are seriously considering tearing out the bedroom wall completely and making a super kitchen. Then we would convert the glass room to a master suite and leave our current master as a Guest Bed/bath. We are concerned, though, with resale value if we remove that wall. For pete's sake, there's a door on EVERY SINGLE wall in the room though. FOUR doors in that room! That's wierd. However, this would leave us with no studio space. May be an incentive to get that going as well??

So, I will leave you with my beautiful vincas in bloom, my orange mint, butter lettuce peeps and a sprouting green bean. My corn is up too!

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