Saturday, March 21, 2009

Irrigation Leak

So, our front irrigation pipe has been leaking underground somewhere. We know this because whenever we get water, the ground is wet out front near the stand box, where it shouldn't be wet. Jeff and his friend, James, tried patching it from the inside of the pipe a few weeks ago but they apparently didn't patch the crack that was leaking. James was a real trooper to crawl down INSIDE that pipe and patch. I told Jeff he better pay him a lot of money for doing that... it's not a big pipe and thankfully James is very skinny.

Jeff decided to dig this out today and he's now at work repairing. He dug out around the pipe and is cleaning the crack of any debris and will patch it with an industrial epoxy. We get irrigation Wednesday so we'll know if it worked then. Nice crack, huh?
Hey, mom, check out the honeysuckle! I think it's going to do great up there and surely all of the bees are going to block my entrance into my house ;)

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