Monday, March 9, 2009

Termite Treatment Day!

We hired AZ Organic to do our termite treatment. I really was concerned about the use of heavy chemicals with all seven of our pets. Oh yeah, us too.

Turns out we really didn't need to tear out the walls and ceiling, just for our own peace of mind. Which we kind of knew already. Don @ AZ Organic had told us it wasn't necessary but we were very concerned about what we couldn't see. Our consciences are now at ease seeing into the ceiling and behind the walls.
Mark started by drilling the length of the expansion joint where they are coming up. There were places on both the North and South sides of the room where the concrete was so thick the hammer drill didn't go through the foundation. After drilling, he injected the holes with Red River WDG

He then patched all of his holes and even patched all of the remaining holes throughout our house that the old termite companies never patched.

Next I boiled some water for him to mix with the Bora-Care. He brought in a tall beaker filled with the thick substance - added the hot water and mixed. He then pump-sprayed this solution onto the wall bases and also in the glass room where we suspected Drywood termites. He said it really looks like there were drywoods long ago and the wood was replaced as he saw no holes ("exits") in the wood. Here's the webpage for Bora-Care, Manufactured by Nisus

Nisus Corp was actually very helpful when I contacted their Corporate Office for referrals to local authorized treatment companies.

Finally, our third attack was the bait system by Advance. These are placed every 15 feet around the perimeter of our home. They are filled with tasty, irresistable, cellulose termite snacky-snack disks. These Bait Systems are checked every quarter and when activity is discovered, poison is added to the bait system. We'll see.

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