Friday, March 6, 2009

Our home was designed and built in 1959 by one Frederick Griffin, who was also the first resident. The second owner was the President of a local bakery. The third owners were a son and his mother. Then there's us.

We bought The Griffin House in 2002. It was love at first sight. And then we began to find all of the problems. However, even with all of the trials, we love this money pit.

We are trying to get motivated to begin interior renovations. We have put a lot of money into things that needed urgently to be done: block wall, irrigation plumbing, new roof, new windows. But nothing that we can "live in" thats shiny and new, ya know? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) nothing has been renovated or touched. I am hoping that if forced to chronicle our process, the process will get moving...

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  1. Hi Meagen,
    Great Idea to chronicle your progress. Whatever it takes and it will be fun to see your progress.
    I understand living in a house in transition. We are still dry walling. I have thought about taking another picture to put on my blog. Then i though it would be more enjoyable to see progress.
    Right now we are just in a big mess !!!!

    This pic of your pit room is beautiful.
    A. Miriam