Saturday, November 7, 2009

PetUtopia @ The Franciscan Renewal Center

Benefit for Lost Our Home Rescue, this rescue was started by and is run by local realtors who kept seeing so many abandoned pets with all of the foreclosures. The auction alone raised over $2,000. This does not include t-shirt and other retail sales, and over 40 raffle items.

The homes were designed by and built by local designers and architects. Three won prizes and then they were all auctioned off. People got total steals on these abodes. The one we bid on, against only one other person - went for $210. We actually won a gift basket in the raffle too.

This is the basket we won. Magda gets a new collar, Leonard gets a new dino bone, Trigger gets a new frisbee and they get to share the rest of the stuff.
The design team of the awesome house we bid on. This one was the most well-designed and built of the show but amazingly, it got 3rd place? Our cats would've loved it - most of the homes were built for small dogs, unfortunately. This house had a steel frame, beautiful wood slats, sliding 3Form doors and sunken doggie bowls inside.
The airstream one, Kat & Ed would've loved it!

And what doggie event is complete without some Freestyle?

This one won 1st Place.

These were individual shelves that mount on the wall - the red thing was for display only.
The stucco one on the left went for the highest, around $400.

This one went for only $50, including all of the toys!!

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