Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, our Turkey Day

I woke early in the a.m. yesterday, Leonard was not feeling well.... He had an unusual breathing pattern and was unresponsive to his favorite words "treat" "ride" "walk". Didn't even lift or turn his head. Additionally, he was drinking water excessively.

I started our Thanksgiving Meal early and had Leo at the vet by 11:30. We had to leave him there as we sat on pins & needles all day waiting for word. She said his BP was low, WBC high and he had slight anemia.

We picked up Leonard around 5pm, our vet didn't see anything extraordinary in the bloodwork, nor on the x-ray - except for some spondylosis between two of his vertebrae. She feels he needs to be on pain management indefinitely. And I can deal with this prognosis. So we are giving anti-biotics for the infection "somewhere" in his body evidenced by the high WBC, and he is on Tramadol for pain. If the tramadol doesn't help, we will add Metcam to the mix. Fingers crossed.

Here's a pic of our bird, may be the nicest looking one we've ever cooked! Leonard has been very fortunate to be spoiled with home-cooked turkey and brown rice for a few days as he recovers.

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