Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another CL score!

I have been searching for a high-efficiency toilet and almost splurged on a Caroma last weekend at AKA Green's Going-Out-Of-Business Sale. But their toilets were really long and in our tiny bathrooms, we need all the space we can get.

I have also been eyeing the Toto toilets, as they get great reviews from plumbers and home-owners alike. The Aquia Dual Flush was my toilet of choice, see how the entire tank is smooth making for super easy cleaning:I check occasionally on CL but there's never anything. However, this a.m. I spotted an ad for 3 Toto toilets @ $50 each!! I contacted the seller and we ran over and bought one for our guest bath. It is a one-piece toilet, high efficiency @ 1.6 gpf; however, it's not smooth on the bottom but hey - $50! It was totally disgusting scrubbing someone else's pee and my hands are burning from bleach water - but look how nice it looks. Ya' just can't beat $50, this toilet is $400+ new. The new soft-close toilet seat has been ordered, at a discount off of E-bay for $56.44 - more than the toilet! So...good as new Toto toilet for $106.44 - not bad at all!

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