Sunday, November 22, 2009

Master Bath Demo...second try

So we started this master shower/bath area when we first moved in 7 years ago. It got as far as the first picture and has remained like that. Too overwhelming, couldn't make decisions, etc. We used this shower once, when we first moved in, before we tore out the acrylic surround.
Our angel-of-a-friend and home improvement guru extraordinaire, Tom, offered to help Jeff with this while Jeff is on vacation. We debated with Tom whether to leave the cast iron tub or tear it out for a walk-in shower, which I am dying for, to make dog baths easier. We agreed to clean up the tub, check out its condition thoroughly and make a decision whether to demo or leave.

Upon cleaning it out this morning, I found a relatively large rusted chip missing from the enamel, rust on the edges and rust around the drain. awesome husband started with the sledge. Feeling kinda regretful - look how thin the rust actually was and look at what a well-made, solid tub this was. It was a Kohler.

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