Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st, 2009

Dad & Jeff @ The Farm last weekend, we went for breakfast before taking dad to the airport.

OK, so I have been buying plant after plant for the past seven years that we have lived here. Very few survive as their water needs seem to get the best of me every time. Pam gave me one of her aloe plants when Bensen was sick and had a bad sore that wouldn't heal. I just set it on a bench in our backyard and somewhat ignored it for many years. This past spring, the plastic pot it was in disintegrated from the sun so I transplanted the aloe into one of the crucibles and started watering regularly. It totally took off. See in the picture below, it's in the the largest crucible.The medium crucible on wheels (right) holds a Candellaria (sp?) we bought this summer, it's holding up so far. The medium crucible on the ground holds a Ladyslipper we bought at Baker's yesterday. By the way, they were having an Orchid Show while we there - the displays were amazing.

Since the aloe have gone crazy, they are strangling themselves the crucible. Therefore, I took pups out and transplanted in 1.) the bed edging our patio, 2.) the large white planter, 3.) Small round terra cotta planter, 4.) lined our raised bed outside the front gate. I hope they all survive, especially out front because our curb appeal sucks.

Take note that the photo below is taken AFTER I took out the pups - see how full it still is??
Oh yeah, and for good measure, the obligatory animal picture. This was Four yesterday afternoon having an E.T. moment.

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