Saturday, May 29, 2010

We had an ultrasound appointment yesterday, we waited 5 hours to get in for our appointment. There were no metastasis on the ultrasound (they didn't do the lungs), the prostate tumor measurements were actually smaller but it's hard to compare since it was a different doctor and different machine who took the last measurements. They have deemed Leonard "stable" and they said "stable" is just as good as "remission".

We hired a Canine Nutritionist last week . I really like her and am very certain that her diets will make a huge difference. Hopefully we will have some input from her this week.

We went to The Farm for breakfast today, tomorrow is their last day open for the season. Big Bean's 10th birthday is tomorrow, I am trying to figure out somewhere fun to take him up north for the day. He is doing really well.

Dad and the kids.

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