Sunday, May 9, 2010

Last Sunday we had an appointment for an ultrasound for Leonard, he has had a UTI for months. Well, the ultrasound showed a splenic mass that needed to be removed immediately or it could burst. The vet also noted that his prostate was enlarged, even though he is a neutered dog.

The biopsies showed Splenic Fibrosarcoma and probable prostate cancer (not enough cells to give a definitive diagnosis). We met with Dr Betsy Hershey, the oncologist, this Thursday. The prognosis she gave was grim whether we opt for chemo or not. BUT - we are fighting this, and I will put this in writing for all the world to see - we will heal him, Leonard is strong and Leonard is healthy. I have been assembling my arsenal of anecdotes, treatments, positive intentions and vibes. Mark my words, HE WILL BE HEALED!

Jeff loves the vet office....

Leo feeling miserable just a couple days after the splenectomy...

Leo full of acupuncture needles.

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