Friday, May 21, 2010

To anyone who reads this blog for updates on our renovations, this will probably be on hold for a while until we get Leo's dis-ease into remission. Please bear with me, he is our little bean and the most important being in our lives right now.

He has been doing fantastic; he is eating well which I accredit to getting him started on the FO/CC (flax oil/cottage cheese) portion of the Budwig protocol. He had bloodwork done just over a week ago and everything was in range except for a few values that were still close enough to not worry excessively.

Two pics below of him eating the FOCC mixture that he gets twice a day with PB8 (probiotics).
My Co-pilot.
Leo & Magda sharing the crate.
Yummm....salmon for dinner tonight.
Right now all of his meals are home-cooked organic meats (except for the Salmon that is Alaskan Wild Caught). He gets a handful of organic Quinoa, some lightly steamed organic spinach or kale or broccoli and a splash of shredded organic carrots. Along with some Prozyme, Standard Process Whole Body Support, Dr Schultze's Superfood, Milk Thistle and/or Desert Defense. I kind of rotate these supplements.

He is also on Enrofloxacin (tomorrow ends his RX), Piroxicam (NSAID for the prostate) and Zyflamend (for the prostate). I also purchased some K9 Immunity and K9 Transfer Factor but have not started them yet.

He is getting daily sunlight and walks, which we abandoned for a while due to the heat and his joints but we are doing them again, they seem to perk him up.

I have scheduled another ultrasound for Friday the 28th. I am confident it will be clean. We will accept your positive intentions and prayers for this outcome as well. :)

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