Saturday, April 24, 2010

Working on the the sliders again this weekend. Decided to also take on the glue lam beams that are in serious need of resealing - they are splitting... Noticed a little pine-needle bird's nest at the east side of our patio this morning, mentioned it to Jeff. Was walking around a ladder on the west side of said patio and screamed as I stepped on a baby bird. (Birds terrify me, they used to dive-bomb me at college all the time - it was a conspiracy amongst them).

So, Jeff picked up the baby bird and nest and carried it down to Mike, our neighbor who rehabs and saves all the birds we find in our yard. He told Jeff he's not doing rehab anymore, gave Jeff a cage and a cup of Science Diet with instructions "Soak the kibble in water and feed it with an eye dropper". HUH? Crap. So, now we have a baby pigeon to take care of.... It actually loves me and chirps at the sound of my voice. We tried to feed it then set it in the yard and waited...hoping a responsible parent would show up. No such luck. But I called "Little bird, little bird" and it walked across the yard to me. :)

Anyways, I sanded my booty off today, even with 50grit - it took hours. I am going to be SO SORE for the next 2 days and I've got sawdust snot.

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