Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh my gosh, I was so sore today. And it was a somber day because Little Bird died last night. Jeff buried him near Woody.

I absolutely could not bring myself to do anymore sanding, it will have to wait until next weekend. I did however, finish the door. We are screwed if we ever get good lighting in our house because the sliders don't match. When I was at HD yesterday looking at stain for the glue lams, I realized I was supposed to be using Red Mahogany with the Dark Walnut on the sliders. Don't know why I thought it was cherry? So I used Red Mahogany/Dark Walnut on the door I finished today. So...the complete bedroom door still needs to be done, frame and door. will have to wait until Fall now, it's too hot already to have the house open for two days.

Badger has really just made himself at home here....By the way, the "red eye reduction" buttom does not work on cats, it just make them close their eyes....


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