Saturday, April 3, 2010

Punch List

Our five sliders have been hanging over my head since we had them installed, like SIX years ago. They are Pella's and they were only offered in raw wood. I thought "no big deal, we can do this". Well, we did one and it was a total pain so the other four sliders have sat unstained.

When I quit my job in 2005, the first thing I did with my new-found time was start working on them again. I got all of the stationary stuff stained on three doors but never got around to removing the doors and actually doing the slider. The one in our bedroom still needs to be done in it's entirety. It's just such a pain with all of the prep work. So, my resolution is to get these done. Baby steps. One per weekend. So there it is. In writing and published. I have to get it done now, right?

Here's door #1/4. Before, after 1 coat of stain, and before sealing. I did three coats, alternating between dark walnut and cherry. Will seal with Tung Oil tomorrow.

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