Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes. I have snipped a few cherry tomatoes from the plant in our backyard and it looks like the green tomatoes in the front garden pictures are just starting to turn.

Something happened to my zucchini...they were looking great now they are shriveled and yellow. ???

Mom take a look and tell me what in the world could this thing be? I planted nothing like this and the vine has honestly taken over the entire garden area. It has these fruits? vegetables? all over it... could something have cross-pollinated?


  1. It looks like a butternut squash!

  2. Beautiful garden!! I just got finished planting my four tomato plants. I am trying pots this year since I have had trouble with not enough sun in my backyard. I will just move the pots!

    It feels like fall here in Michigan. It has been very windy and I may have to cover my tomato plans tomorrow night since it may get down to 36!!

  3. Hi Miriam- yes, it sure looks like butternut squash - must've snuck in with one of the other plants 'cuz I didn't plant it! Unfortunately butternut squash is not allowed on our detox diet but I think I might just cook it up anyway. 36 degrees?! It's over 100 here already - we're hiberating inside today - it's sooo hot.