Monday, April 13, 2009

Garden + Cats

As most of you know from listening to me rant, someone abandoned these cats. Mike, our neighbor, feeds the ferals outside our gates but these two aren't ferals - they were somebodies pets.
Ocho (named by Jeff) showed up just before Christmas. He spent Christmas Eve and Day inside our glass room, as Jeff said "How can we leave him outside on Christmas?" We only let him in during bad weather; he knows the drill, we walk to the driveway, call him and he trots right in our back door and makes his nest on our rocker. Ocho loves our shower and we often find him just sitting in there. If we open our skylight while showering, he sprawls across the screen to sleep. He lives on our roof, with his buddy who is pictured.

The buddy, who is not named, showed up a couple months after Ocho. He is less dignified and seems more like an adolescent. He loves but annoys Ocho.
They came around crying tonight while I took photos of my blooming garden. The garden they so enjoy digging in. The garden that has been fenced due to their exploits.



I don't know what this is, but its gorgeous!



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