Sunday, April 5, 2009

Trees Before + After

View East after (above & below)

As usual, the tree trimming stressed me out last weekend. I kind of like the forest feeling of our yard and now we feel naked. I hope it grows in fast. It took the guys about 3 hrs to do the Eucalyptus alone and we had a crowd on the street, including our mail lady, watching the big excitement on 26th Street.

By the end of the 9 hour day, the tree guys were ready to go!! It was a big job. We had high winds again this past week and boy am I glad the trees were done. However, Jeff still moved our cars down the street for the night. I *predict* that when we eventually do our carport cover - it will be so over-engineered :)

Street View Before

Street View After

Japanese Privett (above) & Mulberry (below) Before

Japanese Privett & Mulberry After

View to the West Before (above and below)

After (below)

Now we are off to a busy day...breakfast with out-of-town friends then the much-anticipated ModPhx Home Tour with Tom & Julia. Woohoo, will post pics later!

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