Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy with the house the past two weekends. Jeff was wonderful and cut down two Palo Verdes and one dying Bottlebrush two weekends ago, while it was raining. Then the following weekend, he brought home the come-along and pulled the stumps out. As you can see, Trigger helped on the stump end by digging :) He was a muddy mess but had so much fun being so true to his doggie-ness.
Jeff's bloody noggin, the Palo Verdes are nasty with thorns.
We also replaced the sink in our guest bathroom, finally. We intended to rebuild the vanity and get a new countertop at the same time but hell's bells, I cannot wait any longer. The plumbing and holes in the wall under the sink are ridiculuous but we'll fix that when we replace the vanity. I cannot even put into words how happy this makes me.

My little bean wondering what's with this chick hogging up his couch.

Crashed out...

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