Sunday, September 20, 2009

Encanto Park

Took Trigger to Encanto Park early this morning, had never been before. It was a lot smaller than I anticipated - guess Enchanted Island and the golf course takes up most of the park. The nice thing is the canal of water that runs throughout - I guess there are paddleboats for rent. Oh - and there were a cats roaming the park - isn't that odd? Trigger checking out the geese, he was actually pretty afraid of the canal of water. Weird since he's been around the lake at Steele Indian School Park. However the water was glass-like calm and I think he couldn't really "read" what it was until I stuck my hand in it and splashed it around.
We passed by a guy and his gorgeous and well-mannered sable GSD who asked, "Were you at Steele yesterday? I thought I recognized your dog, he's beautiful". Funny how dog people know other dog people by their dogs. (I remember people's dog's names but not their names.) I had to admit to th guy that yes, that was us, we were the ones making all the racket, since Trigger barked for the entire 60 minute training lesson. He laughed and said "Oh, that was YOU guys?"

My beautiful boy!

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