Sunday, August 23, 2009

Painting the skylights...finally

We are working on the skylights this weekend, it's been what - three years since they were installed? We went to HD and got some No VOC primer and paint. It was pricey (I think), I didn't bother to check the high fume stuff since I figured the price difference would probably make me change my mind. The Primer was $30 / gal and the paint was $40/gal. We have primed and will start painting in about 30 min. The primer had no odor whatsoever, big difference from Kilz!

Not like one can tell anything from the pictures - but there they are!

Badger, the stray shop cat, is being dropped off at the vet today - he has a neuter scheduled for tomorrow. We applied for a voucher from the Maricopa County Big Fix program and he is being neutered at no charge. One has to send in an application and it took about 2-3 wks to get the voucher. There is a local rescue I have been speaking to who may take him when they have a slot open up at one their Petco adoption sites. They also do the FeLv/FIV testing for $14.50! He needs to be tested and everywhere I've called wants $63 + for the test. When the rescue has their clinic, I am going to take Ocho as well. I think I am going to speak to them about finding Ocho a home as well. Its unfair for him living without a real family - he is still segregated from our cats and I can tell he is lonely living down in the big room. He's such a lover and deserves better. Here are some good pics of Badger:

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