Saturday, October 2, 2010

Well, it's been almost two months my little bean and I still cry missing you every day.

Leonard & Samuel resting

This was in Salt Lake City one Thanksgiving. Sam, Noah & Ethan were *so* excited to walk Leo, they all had to be holding the leash.

Same visit, Leo planted one on our niece, Emi.
This was the road trip up there.
He loved rolling in the grass or dirt. He would get this back-n-forth motion going trying not to flop to one side or the other. He could keep the wriggle going for quite some time.

Please dad?
He loved sunbathing.
Conked out on his fleece ball.
He loved this garden cart. He would leap into in and start barking and chewing the sides of it. If you pulled the cart while he was in it, he barked even louder and totally attacked the walls of the cart.

I miss you so much, beyond words.

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