Saturday, February 13, 2010

My naturopath appointment & more

I had an appointment with a Naturopath yesterday. I was really excited as Jeff has been to see this doctor before and I was very impressed. I need help getting my health on track and quitting smoking.

Typically, after going thru a battery of questions, he does Electro Meridian Imaging (Ryodoraku) with a machine to check your energy flow thru your meridians. However, the machine wouldn't work on me and he thought it was because I was dehydrated. This blew my mind because water is almost all that I drink, except for green tea in the morning. He did a kinesiology test for hydration and found that I was indeed dehydrated.

Next he did acupuncture, which I was somewhat afraid of because I hate needles, but it was a total breeze and didn't hurt at all. He did 6 needles in each ear, one in each hand, knee and foot. After all the needles were in I felt a weird rush over my body and I got very shaky, trembling hands and totally sweaty and hot. He decided it was too much for me and took out four of the needles.

I also got a surgical steel bead stuck on each ear (see picture). When the craving to smoke hits, I am supposed to touch/pinch those beads as this is an acupressure point that should help with cravings. There is also an herb concoction I am supposed to take when the crave hits.

Additionally, he gave me a soak to add to the tub that is supposed to draw tar and toxins out of my body. There is a specific schedule to follow, 4 oz on day 1, 8 oz two days later, etc. There are two other supplements I am taking to help with the dehydration, in addition to getting 1 T of Olive Oil down every day. I have my 2nd appt Weds., we'll see if it makes a difference.

I was really calm last night and actually slept in until 8am today! My back is tensing up again though. Wish I knew acupuncture myself and could do those needles whenever I got tense/stressed.
On another note, my seeds have arrived from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds!! I got Mexican Torch Sunflower, Genovese Basil, Tall Trailing Mix Nastursiums, Eagle Pass Okra, Gray Zucchini Squash, Black Beauty Zucchini Squash, Marketmore Cucumber, Cherokee Purple Tomato, Black Krim Tomato, Tigerella Tomato, Mini Orange Tomato, Bull's Blood Beets and Rainbow Swiss Chard. We cleaned the garden bed out today, maybe we can buy some soil and plant tomorrow?? :)

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