Tuesday, July 14, 2009

River Trip & Happy Anniversary

Just back from a week of rafting the Colorado River in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It was spectacular and so cool to see the Canyon from the bottom. The trip was a gift from Jeff's boss for his 10 year anniversary with the company. We put in at Lee's Ferry, took out at Phantom Ranch, stayed a night at the ranch, took mules out then stayed a night at El Tovar on the South Rim. We took the trip with OARS, who I could not recommend more: http://www.oars.com/

Mom & dad were utter angels and came down to watch our kids. They also cleaned and did some home repairs which are SO APPRECIATED! The day after we arrived home was their 39th Wedding Anniversary so we treated them to dinner at Marcellino's - one of my fave restaurants here in town. Dad said it was good sign when he heard Italian coming from the kitchen. I think they were not disappointed! http://www.marcellinoristorante.com/

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